Audi Front UW Gläser cabriolet, y1933 - 3,0 row six-cylinder

Where lies the exclusivity
and advantageous investment?

  1. Unique special model. Considered to be a "concept car"
    Not a serial production. Improved unique prototype made by Gläser company, with a special equipment and engine that wasn´t used in 1933 for serial production (model UW 220). And only some of these things were used later on for model UW 225.

  2. Professionally and completely renovated from the outside and inside. First-class condition. Original parts and colors throughout the whole car. 

  3. Historical time
    The veteran is up to 88 years old and was launched in a historically very significant time in Germany - the rise of Nazism.

  4. It offers a risk-free investment with a certain profit

  5. All it´s documentation included 

Not all treasures are golden or silver.


Why invest in a old-timer?

  1. Money apprecation - While interest on savings accounts is approaching zero. Old-timer's prices have increased by an average of 80% over the last 5 years. In general, however, their value usually increases by 100% every 10 years. 

  2. Zero risk - Old-timers will never be younger and their price will always increase. Unlike other investments, they are not so sensitive to an economic situation in a country, and in the long run always guarantee profit. 

  3. Fun and nostalgia - Unlike stocks, you can always take your old-timer from a garage and enjoy remarkable ride.

Audi Front UW Gläser cabriolet, y1933
3,0 row six-cylinder

Renovation took a several years and has involved every single part on the car, so it´s completely renovated from inside to outside. Every part remained original. The engine is refurbished and the most of parts under the hood are chrome-plated. The veteran is therefore fully mobile. The owner, whoes at the same time the restorer has all car´s documentation.

"Concept car" means, that this car was the first and improved piece of this model - UW FRONT. It has special equipment and engine that was absolutely unique in 1933. At that time, the mass-produced UW 220 models were far from such equipment or engine. And only few of those was used later on for serial production of UW 225.

This uniqueness, along with the historical time of the car and the first-class condition make this veteran a very valuable investment. Its authenticity also underlines the symbol of the Nazi´s hook cross on the car keys. The model was launched in 1933 in Germany at the time when the Nazis, headed by Adolf Hitler, took control over the counry. Due to this uniqueness it can be predicted that it could be intended for people of prominent status or even for Nazi officers.

Therefore it´s suitable not only for old-timer lovers but also for investors looking for a safe and at the same time very lucrative investment. 

About restorer

Avetik Pandeyan was raised among cars and oldtimers where he also found his passion. Already during his youth he presented himself by refusing compromises and getting things done perfectly. After a whole life experience while he became a master of his craft, he decided to renovate the most precious treasure he has.

It took few years of hard work, until he renovated every single detail on the oldimer and achieved flawless condition. He put his passion, perfectionism and eye for a detail to every centimeter on the car, knowing how precious jewel it is.

Now he feels time for sale has become

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